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Database Auditing Tools





Realise Data Systems provides custom enterprise database audit solutions to help streamline your business, increase efficiency and productivity, achieve data compliance and maximize the ROI of your current software solutions. We believe in the power of a strong data strategy and we want enterprise organizations to get the most out of their data, their employees, and their software investments.  We set out to achieve this by providing a product that is integral to successful data governance, but that is managed and used by business users and not an IT department.  We then focused on four aspects of data management to make up our solution’s feature set.  They are as follows:

  • Multi-system Search

  • Complete Database Audit

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Archiving




Our database auditing tool Observato™ allows enterprise organizations to conduct multi-system data searches, view complete details of any data record, visualize data manipulation, and archive every single data record without burdening your current systems.  Our goal is to provide you with a refreshingly new, reliable, secure and inexpensive way to manage your data.  A database audit complements your expensive software solution investments by filling the gaps left by internal auditing tools.  Observato also allows your business users 24/7 access to your data, storing your data activity securely, keeping you compliant.




Empower your business users to resolve data issues without burdening your IT department.  Improve customer service by offering quicker resolution to errors and miscommunications caused by poor data quality.  Manage business user productivity by monitoring data activity within multiple systems.  Visualize data activity and manipulation with charts and reporting.  

According to InformationWeek one of the major benefits enterprise organizations get from using big data management tools is the ability to organize data into a fabric that can be searched, browsed, navigated, analysed and visualized.  These same respondents listed speed of accessibility and long-term storage as their most concerning big data issues.  But there is good news for your organization.  Our database auditing tool not only provides that fabric for you (allowing you to search, browse, navigate, and visualize your data) but it eliminates the concerns of easy accessibility and long-term storage as well.  Search for and access any data record from today, yesterday, last week, or last year; in seconds.  We enable enterprise organizations to manage their data more effectively, improving data quality, customer service, business user productivity and data awareness.  Find out more HERE.

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