Realise Data System’s independent cloud-based data audit log software Observato™ has everything you need to manage your data. Search, audit, chart and archive your data all on one integrated platform designed for business users. No coding or IT knowledge is necessary.

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Observato's website

Advanced Search

Search for any data record, from any system in one single place. A powerful user interface allows you to get to your data quickly, investigate, restore and resolve conflicts.

Complete Data Audit

View your complete data history including all transactions. Never miss a data change again. Total visibility and data compliance.

Charts and Reporting

Visualize your data changes, system usage and more with customizable reporting. Learn more about the trends, performance and user activity from your data.


Access your data anytime, from anywhere, without burdening your current systems. All data is saved for as long as you need access to it.

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Discover how Observato is better than any database backup or internal audit log

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Data audit log software is BETTER than a database backup.

Traditional Database Backup / Snapshot Observato
Cycle Takes a "snapshot" of the day's data every 24 hours. Missing a lot of changes done during the day Tracks your data in real-time, never miss an update or a change regardless of the time of day.
Format A binary coded file. Impossible to use without a live database connection. A business-user friendly, searchable program that allow all provisioned system users to read audit history from browser & mobile
Technical Must be managed and accessed by IT personnel. Any changes or audit searches require a professional to handle files, restore instances and load backups. No IT resources need to get involved.
Access Manually searchable with a hit and miss approach. Extensive use of intrinsic database engine vendor SQL Complete data visibility directly from the dashboard, search for any record or field level values over several systems and any point in time including external archive locations
Efficiency Records all the data regardless if it was changed or not, produces large files with very few significant changes and wastes a lot of disk space as a result. Only changes are recorded on the individual field level. Extremely efficient and space conserving.