3 Areas Where Better Visibility Can Transform An Organization

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If only there was a magic dashboard that could show you every little thing that is going on in your organization at every second of the day.  If only you could see what each of your business users are working on, where your field techs are, what marketing campaigns are engaging with customers, what costs you’re ncurring, what revenue you’re making, and what machinery is operating, all on a single screen.  A screen that sets off little emergency alerts whenever something isn’t going according to your business plan.  And while such an integrated dashboard doesn’t exist yet, there IS technology out there that can give you a better understanding of where your business stands on a daily, hourly, and sometimes minute basis.

There are three parts of a field service organization that we believe can benefit the most from better visibility: your data, your field service management, and your customer interactions.  With the right technology and the right reporting in these three areas, you can get a better handle on your organization’s operations, efficiency, profitability, customer service, and more.  Find out what software can help you achieve all of the above and give you better insights into the inner workings of your organization.

Data Visibility

Remember above how we mentioned how nice it would be if you could know what your business users are working on at any given time?  Well that in itself is possible with data tracking software that audits all the data that is input or manipulated within your systems.  Here are a few things that data tracking software can help you to see:

  • What parts of your system(s) are used the most?
  • At what times of the day is data being manipulated the most?
  • Which business users manipulate the most data?
  • How many data changes were made in a day, and to which areas of what systems?
  • How frequently do errors occur in your data?

These are just a few questions that can easily be answered with data tracking.  Our product – Observato – even provides charts and reporting to help decipher what’s going on within your data both quickly and easily.  Simply run a report with the specific filters you are interested in and voila, complete visibility as promised.

How can this help transform your organization ?

  • Knowing the ins and outs of your data helps with data quality.  The better tracked your data is, the lower the risk that system and human errors are slowing your system and overall efficiency.
  • Having easy access to your data and greater visibility can help you to improve your customer service by quickly resolving customer issues or queries.

Insight into business-user activity gives an organization the ability to manage user errors, monitor efficiency, and address errors before they become an issue, and ensures that employees are properly doing their jobs.

Field Service Management Visibility

The right field service management software can increase your visibility in a number of ways, but we are going to focus on just two.  The first is the physical visibility of your field techs.  Most field service management software out there today allows you to see the following:

  • Where is your field tech?  Is he on route or at a job?
  • When did your field tech start a job, when did he finish?
  • Has he tried to upsell the customer?
  • Did he take payment onsite?
  • Has the newest job that has come through been assigned?  To whom?

These questions, among many others, are answered with field service management software.

Secondly, the best field service management software comes with BI tools to help you analyze your data, giving you insight into how your business is performing (from a field service point of view).  These tools allow your organization to see things like:

  • The results to customer satisfaction surveys (as well as improvement or deterioration)
  • The effectiveness of street-level routing
  • How long various jobs are taking (on average and broken down by tech)
  • Cost savings

Field service management software gives you the means to see what is going on within the field service division of your organization both in real-time and in long-term visibility, helping you to easily make tweaks and improvements to achieve optimal efficiency and cost savings.

For the best field service management software on the market, read our Gartner blog and download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for FSM.

For more information on FSM visibility download the white paper “6 Rules of Flawless Field Service Reporting” from ServiceMax.

Customer Visbility

We have broken customer visibility into two categories: potential customers and actual customers.  Both categories have aligning software that will give an organization insight into their target market and customer base that they would not otherwise be able to achieve.  When it comes to potential customers, marketing software – such as Marketo or Hubspot – allows an organization to see engagement with the community such as:

  • What marketing campaigns are getting the most attention?
  • When a website visitor is on your site, which pages are they spending the most time on?
  • What are the demographics of your prospects?
  • What social media channels are your prospects engaging with?

Essentially, with the right marketing software, your organization can appreciate the full picture of your target market and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.  On the customer side of things, a solid CRM – like Salesforce – gives you visibility such as:

  • What are your customers’ buying patterns?
  • How do they use your products and/or services?
  • Are they a good candidate for upsell?

This can help you to transform your organization by giving you the opportunity to make your products or services personal, no matter the size of your customer base.  Additionally it can make your marketing campaigns and customer service more effective by giving people what they truly want, and not just what you assume they want.

Business visibility should be almost like playing God.  The goal should be to use the best technology to give yourself and your organization a full panoramic view of how your organization functions.  This gives you the ability to adjust operations in real time, solve issues before they become real issues, and keep your organization competitive and profitable.  Does your service organization have the key visibility it needs to thrive in today’s market?

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