3 Reasons Why Audit Log is Critical to Exceptional Customer Service

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In today’s world there is not much differentiating between companies in terms of technology so where can you find your competitive edge?

More than ever companies are concentrating on providing exceptional customer service.  This means providing more resources to deal with customer complaints, making them more productive and competent so when issues arise they can be resolved effectively and efficiently.

Data is king

How many times has your business been faced with a customer complaint, having to apologize without really knowing what happened and who is responsible for the error?  If you don’t have all the information right in front of you at the point of contact you are shooting in the dark.

It is critical to have all the information you need in front of you when you are interacting with a customer (on the phone).  Your customer service agent needs to know exactly what has happened (order of events) so they can explain the process and the reason things happened the way they have.

We are only human and errors happen.  What may seem as a minor error, such as an incorrect number or letter, can have a huge impact on a business and their customers.  The human memory is also fallible so having a detailed log for every record and transaction that has occurred is vital in any internal or customer facing interaction.

While the customer is on the phone, the customer service agent or rep can obtain and provide a detailed description of events, what changes were made to their personal details, details about their order etc.  They are able to recount to the customer the original date, time and particulars of the request to be changed.

Competitive edge

Businesses should strive for excellence to be the market leaders in their respective fields.  How can you tell what you do well, what you do badly and where to improve?

Having a detailed audit log can help you identify:

  • Bad data and bad practices in your organization – It is not about whom to blame rather identify problems in different areas and correct them.  It can be a broken process or an untrained user.
  • Inefficiencies – Your process is not optimized and can be tweaked and streamlined. By looking at your data with a holistic approach, you can identify areas were the process is not optimized and records (orders) have to go through many unnecessary processes to be completed. Identifying how and who has edited a given record is critical to fix an inefficient process.
  • Reduce time to resolve conflicts and disputes – You need to resolve issues fast and move on.  It is not productive to spend days looking at audit log files spread over many locations, stored as text files (none searchable), piece together fragments of information until you reach an inconclusive chain of events.  Once you have a full picture you can restore bad data into the original state and fix the process for the future.

Peace of Mind

In this technology age, data security and protection is on everyone’s minds.  There is no fail proof solution but implementing best practice.  An offsite or cloud audit log can ensure the security of your companies and customer’s data.  It gives your customers peace of mind that their personal and private information is protected against physical or virtual threat.  Having your data backed up in a high security location and encrypted so even when security at a datacenter is breached the information on the hardware is not available to the hacker.

According to Tim Rohrbaugh, VP of Information Security for Intersections Inc. & OTA Board Member, “…we are seeing a significant increase in incidents that not only harm consumers, but businesses as well, leading to a breakdown in consumer trust.  Having a rigid, black and white approach to security controls and monitoring and being unprepared for an incident will cost businesses more in the end.”[ML1]

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