3 Ways Improving your Business Process Management can help with Big Data and Cyber Security

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Centralise access and security management.

Everything becomes easier when all your data is in one place. Control all your accounts, credentials, roles and user access from one place and you’re reducing the chance of errors. You’re making life easier by simplifying your systems. If your data is spread over several systems, it can be tricky getting these systems to talk to each other, and even when you do, can you fully trust that the data on the system you’re looking at is up to date? Can you easily run a report that requires data from more than one system? Consolidating your systems into one might be a big move, but it could be well worth it in the long run. Having one unified system in place will also make keeping your system secure less of a headache and less of a risk.

Reduce data duplication

Having several systems often means that you’re duplicating data as you need particular data fields in more than one system. Not only does this take up extra space on your servers, but it can cause a lot of problems. What happens if the data is changed on one system, but not on another? If this situation of conflicting data arose, would you know which record was correct and which was outdated? Integrate your systems, ensure they exchange data records and you can eliminate these problems. If you have several system running, then nominate one to be the master system and make all the others slave systems. Don’t have several systems with an equal standing.

Change your way of thinking

Change is your friend. Altering the way you think about your business process management can be like turning on a light, suddenly it all becomes clear! Move forward, think Agile, release often, change quickly, but with thorough thought and planning, and unit test automatically. Keep up to date with your security measures; criminals adapt and change the ways in which they attack business systems, so you need to change and adapt your security!

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