4 Issues That Will Make You Wish You Had a Data Audit Log Application

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Have you ever had an system crash that has sent your IT employees running mad?  An enterprise organisation encounters failures, technical issues and human errors all the time.  But real disaster strikes when these issues cannot be solved effeciently or effectively.  Unfortunately that is the case more times than not even in the wealthiest, most prominant organizations.  One of the biggest causes for migrane worthy problems in an enterprise organisation these days is data.  Here are 5 issues that enterprise organisations deal with on a day to day basis that should make them go running to find a data audit log solution.  Don’t worry, we will explain why.

Your Bad Data Forecasted the Wrong Revenue

There was some error in your system and numbers were being doubled without your knowledge once they entered the database due to some bug.  You ran a forecast at the beginning of the quarter based on these manipulated numbers, so the executive team was expecting a MUCH better performance than was actually delivered.  Sadly, you actually had a pretty good quarter based on the real numbers.

Why a Data Audit Log Application Would Have Saved the Day:

A data audit log application can help you track and isolate where bad data is coming from.  You can run reports on your systems data to see when and where it is being manipulated.  This would have been able to show you that data was being manipulated by your system at an alarming rate, and you could have had IT fix the bug.

Erroneous Data Entry Led to Losing A Customer

One of your customer service representatives accidently entered a new customer’s address wrong.  The technician installing her new cable service never showed up to her house because he went to the wrong address.  The

customer called in disgruntled.  The customer service representative on the phone insisted she had given them the wrong address because she could see no record of the tech not showing up, or the original call and told the customer she would have to wait two weeks for service now.  The customer decided to find another provider.

Why a Data Audit Log Application Would Have Saved the Day:

Any business user, including a customer service rep would be able to sign into a data audit log application and look at the data creation and manipulation of any customer’s file.  They could see who added what to which fields, and why.  The customer service rep could have found the colleague that originally inputted the data and address the issue, or could have seen that the field tech arrived at the wrong address.  This visibility gives your customer service reps the power they need to provide top notch customer service even when things go wrong, especially when it comes to human error.

The ROI of your FSM Software Was Way Off

According to the vendor that you bought your FSM Software, you should have been seeing incredible benefits shortly after implementation.  However the FSM solution go-live was four months ago and you have seen little improvement.  You get on the phone to the vendor and begin to raise hell.  They tell you that that is impossible and the only possibility is that your employees aren’t using the solution correctly.  You have no way of knowing what they are saying is true.

Why a Data Audit Log Application Would Have Saved the Day:

A data audit log tracks any data record that has been created, manipulated, or destroyed.  For this reason, it is an effective way to show which systems, or parts of systems, are being used on a regular basis.  By simply running a report with the right filters, a data audit log application can show you whether or not certain features, apps, or entire systems (like the mobility solution built into your FSM solution) are being used or not.

You Failed A Government Audit Because You Disposed of Essential Data Too Early

Auditors came to see if you had stored patient records for the right amount of time according to the laws of the state you practice in (California).  Unfortunately, your practice disposed of your patient records after 10 years, unaware that California’s law for adult patients is different. There was no way for the auditors to access these records and you were seen as non-compliant, causing issues with your license, and more.

Why a Data Audit Log Application Would Have Saved the Day:

A SEPARATE data audit log application would have been able to access any record, however far back, even if you had wiped it from the main system.  The auditors would have been able to see that patient data of any age were still completely accessable and you would have passed the audit with flying colors.

So what do we conclude?  Any enterprise organization will benefit from a data audit log application.  We might even be brazen enough to say that every enterprise organization NEEDS a data audit log application to avoid the issues above and many others as well.  Our data audit log application Observato provides all the benefits we have mentioned and more.

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