A Day in the Life of a Piece of Data

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You have heard us talk a lot about databases, data tracking, and our unique data audit log application, Observato.  Essentially, we have been giving you the big picture when it comes to your data, what you do with it now, and what you SHOULD be doing with it.  Today we are going to focus on an individual piece of data, and “track” it during the day.  This will hopefully allow you to see what your changes your data faces on a day-to-day basis, and why a data audit tool is essential to keeping your data safe, accessible, and compliant.

Let’s set the scene for you.  SeeItNow is a cable company in the United States that provides internet and cable TV services to customers nationwide.  Their field techs have a mobile workforce management solution that allows them to upsell TV and cable packages to their customers any time they are on site.  This integrates directly with their CRM and billing systems so that changes are reflected after a customer chooses a new package.  At the same time, current customers can call in to the customer service center to upgrade their package at any time, or they can do so manually online by signing into their account.

So lets focus on that one data field: the service plan.  Based on the background we have given you above, it is right to assume that the service plan data field can be changed by many different users at all times of the day.  This is the piece of data that we are going to focus on as we take you through a “day in the life.”  But lets give you some more specifics first.

Below we are following the data entered into the service plan data field for Stephanie’s account.  Stephanie has been a customer of SeeItNow for only a week.  She called in on Wednesday, June 21st, 2013 to get a home phone line and basic internet set up at her new house.  The service tech came to her house the next Tuesday, June 27th, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. to set up her new package.  That morning however, Stephanie had logged into her account and upgraded her service package to include premium channels.  Then when Joe, the service tech, showed up and informed her they were running a special on the faster internet as well, she decided to take him up on that offer as well.  Joe got Stephanie’s signature and changed the package again to include the high speed internet.  Here is a look at the changes made on Tuesday, June 27th, 2013 to the data field Service Plan.

Stephanie’s Plan on Wed. June 21, 2013

Stephanie’s Plan on Tues. June 27, 2013 (Morning)

Stephanie’s Plan on Tues. June 27, 2013 (Afternoon)

So there you have it.  A day in the life of a piece of data.  It’s quite exhausting actually (poor data)!  But the story doesn’t end there.  After the multiple changes that were made to the Service Plan data field on Stephanie’s account, something happened.  When Stephanie received her first bill from SeeItNow, it was TWICE as expensive as she had been quoted.  When she looked at the bill, she saw that she had been charged for a service plan she has never signed up for.  Uh Oh!

She calls up the customer service department at SeeItNow and explains the situation.  Grace, the customer service rep is baffled at how Stephanie could possibly have been signed up for a service plan that she didn’t authorize.  She argues with Stephanie that she must have asked for this expensive upgrade at some point. Stephanie grows more and more frustrated.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Grace could log into a data audit log application and see the breakdown of changes made to the data field “Service Plan” by merely searching using Stephanie’s account number?  And wouldn’t it be nicer still if once she searches she could see who made the data changes and at what times?  That would save her from sounding accusatory towards Stephanie, and put her on the right track to solving Stephanie’s billing issue.

Observato, the data audit log software by Realise Data Systems allows business users of any organization to do just that.  Any piece of data can be accessed at any time, really from anywhere, and its full history will be displayed.  So really you are getting a day in the life of a piece of data every time you click search.  It’s that easy.  Your data, your way, every time, without any complicated IT processes or deciphering involved.

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