A Short History of Big Data

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While businesses these days can’t stop talking about big data, whether they understand it or not, you might be shocked to know that the concept of big data has been around for a while.  That’s because humans have been gathering and storing information for, well, thousands of years (around 4100-3800 BCE the first information storage seems to have started with clay tablets that were used to represent a record/ownage of land, grain, or cattle in Mesopotamia).

And while businesses may be slower than expected on the uptake of data strategies, the struggle to maintain and comprehend the mass creation of data has been around for a while as well.  Realise Data Systems, with the help of Forbes.com has put together a visual presentation of the history of Big Data.  For the full article, please click HERE.

Realise Data System’s offers a unique data audit log application to help businesses manage their data better.  Offered in the cloud, Observato provides businesses with a multi-system data audit that helps keep them compliant, efficient, and customer friendly.

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