Best Practice in Field Service Organizations

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The goal of any field service organization is simple: the best service for the lowest cost. While the goal itself is simple, achieving it is a larger challenge. Why? Because large field service organizations have the challenge of managing hundreds of employees and often several business units. Therefore, more comes into play than just low costs and good service. A good field service organization should operate like a well oiled machine. What comes into play are all the details that go into operating the business from the inside AND the outside. What should these organizations be looking at to improve their business? Three things. The people, the processes, and the technology. And what are they looking to improve? Whether you improve functionality, communication, or end result, it all comes down to one word. Efficiency.


Many business experts would argue that people are the most important part of any business’s operation. It is important to have the right people to do the right job. This means investing in employee education and training, stricter hiring policies, and of course, tying employee compensation to company goals. The end result? A strong team with the right skill sets and motivation to do their job well. Management should be centralized, giving your business more control.


Remember the well oiled machine? Your business processes should all be integrated, and work well together. Mobility and dispatching should be optimized to achieve the best results and daily reports to check functionality and performance should be run. Your systems should be able to “speak to each other” and changes should be tracked and readily available to managers and IT employees.


Field service organizations need to invest in the best technology for the greatest ROI. An operational management information system and a mobile workforce application are crucial to deliver to customers and manage employees in the best way possible. The front end, operations, and back end CRM solutions should all be seamlessly integrated to provide easy communication from one system to the next, reducing error and increasing efficiency.

What are field service best practices? It may differ from organization to organization, but businesses that focus on the DETAILS will succeed. Because the cracks in efficiency often lay in the outskirts, but affect the performance of the organization as a whole. What will help field service organizations achieve the goal of the best service for the lowest cost? Having the right people doing the right jobs at the right times for the right price. With an optimized workforce management software, seamless integration of your technology, an easy-to-use auditing application, and good hiring techniques, you are headed in the right direction.

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