The Best Way to Deal With Customer Complaints

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Listen To Your Customer

Regardless of whether you think your customer is right or wrong, it is imperative that you listen to them.  Everyone likes to be heard.  Let them air their issues with your products or services before offering any solution. If your customer service team excel at their jobs, they will know that it’s not just what the customer is saying, but also what they are not saying that can be the issue.  For example, they may have a new hire that are not using the system correctly or new management demanding to change processes.

Let them Be Heard

This point is definitely key when dealing with customer complaints.  Let the customer know that you have heard what they have said.  Repeat the issue back to them so they know you understand their problem.  No one likes lip service so by repeating what you have heard, they KNOW that you understand their issue and will be more willing to listen to any impending solution (even if it isn’t exactly the outcome they are after).

Ask The Customer For The Solution

This sounds counter intuitive but it’s very easy just to quickly ‘fix’ a problem. For example, replace the broken part, or review the job that’s been done and so on.  We have included this point because this is essential if you want to maintain your customer and keep the relationship in tact and build a bond of trust.  By asking them what they see as a resolution, you are saying to them, that you value them and want to create a solution that is highly valuable for them. It’s not pacifying them but going the extra mile to show how valued they are.

Don’t Give Them A Band Aid

Everyone is busy and it’s common to just want to resolve the issue, or pacify them with something else just to get the customer happy enough to move on.  We urge you not to give them a band-aid and send them on their way. Fix the issue properly, show the customer that you stand for quality and that’s why they chose you in the first place.  Reinforce their initial decision of choosing to do business with you.  If you really want to stand out from your competitors, give them something extra that they didn’t ask for. For example, discount on another product, or off their next bill as a way of apologising for the inconvenience.

Follow Up in the Near Future

Now this is really going the extra mile but that’s what customer service is about. These days, clients expect you to rectify the issue and so forth but more and more, businesses are following up after a resolution has been reached.  Following up and asking for feedback shows your customer that you care about them, their business and the outcome and it’s a little touch that can again can help reinforce your service and that you value their business.

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