Data Tracking vs. Data Tracking

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So there was a little something we wanted to clear up after giving you months of exciting, informative blog posts and collateral on data tracking.   After reading a lot of data tracking tweets trending on Twitter, we realized that some of the terms we use to describe our product and what we do may confuse you.  We wanted to clear that up.  Our product Observato doesn’t take a page out of WikiLeaks, we promise.  The key term data tracking can be used to describe the act of finding patterns within collected data to predict outcomes, buyer behavior, and even terrorist attacks.  Our product on the other hand audits every piece of data that passes through your systems, everything created, edited, and destroyed, giving you a full picture of your data, how it is used, and giving you the ability to roll back mistakes and errors at any time.  So here is a little comparison for you.  Just promise us in the future you won’t confuse us with the NSA… and we won’t hold it against you.

THAT Kind of Data Tracking

  • The wristwatch FitBit tracks a person’s sleep and activity and turns it into recorded data.
  • Facebook tracks your activity and then tailors paid ads to you based on how you use Facebook and what you click on. 
  • Target is using data analysis to predict when customers are pregnant so they can upsell more pregnancy and baby products.
  • The NSA is using communications and data tracking to listen in on the population’s phone calls and internet searches looking for anomalies or potential terrorist activity.

As the concept of big data grows, so does data tracking.   Organizations are looking for the best ways to analyze the data they receive daily, both internally and externally.  As digital data grows exponentially, the smart organizations are looking for ways to use that data to their advantage.  So is the government.  But organizations are still a long way out from any earth shattering data tracking revelations.  According to “marketers are so overwhelmed by the amount of information on digital and social channels that they are ‘data-rich and insight-poor,’ a situation many want to correct.”  In this context data tracking refers to the collection of personal data from a group of people in a variety of ways.

Our Kind Of Data Tracking

  • Observato “audits” your data in real-time, taking an imprint of each and every piece of data that has changed in some way (created, edited, or destroyed).  This imprint or audit is immediately accessible via search using our business user friendly UI.
  • Observato visually analyzes how your data is used, who is using it, which systems get the most use, during what times of the day the most data is created and more.  See these results graphically and export them for internal use.
  • Observato allows you to search and see the minute details of any piece of data.  Merely click on a user or timestamp for a detailed account including the who, what, where, and when of any transaction.
  • What’s the need?  Whether there is an error in a data field that has caused a customer service issue and needs to be fixed immediately, or governmental imposed regulations that require certain data to be accessible in order to stay compliant, Observato fulfills all your needs.

So what does this mean for you?  In conclusion, Observato keeps a record of any piece of data that passes through your software solutions, to help you with your data quality, customer service, and operational efficiency.  We do not predict what customers might buy next, or what they might look up on Google.  But our solution is completely customizable, so we probably could…

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