How Data Visibility Helps With Compliance

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Do you know what’s going on with your data? Right now? What about a full picture? Visibility is one of those words that is thrown around a lot in business. That’s because visibility is one of the best tools a business has to maintain control and improve operations. Perhaps the most important thing about having business visibility is being able to stay compliant with industry, and government regulations.  But how can this be achieved when data is being constantly changed within your organization, within multiple systems, and at all hours of the day?  You need business intelligence, but not the type that you might be used to.  You need business intelligence that links directly back to your data — data analytics you might call it.

We like to imagine audit officers sort of like the fabled Men in Black, coming in with their aviators and black suits to find out if organizations have been naughty or nice.  And while we know this really isn’t the case, it doesn’t matter what regulations the government auditors are checking adherance to (SOX regulations, NERC standands, etc.), your business intelligence can get these auditors answers and prove compliance, more efficiently and painlessly.  How you might ask?

Having a data audit log application in place not only tracks your data in real-time, but it can give you a full picture of your data or help you analyze it in ways you wouldn’t be able to independantly.  Well, actually, you would probably be able to analyze it, but not automatically and certainly not easily.  Imagine having your data patterns, usage, and more layed out visually for you in neat graphs and charts, that can be filtered to display exactly what you want to show.  So what kind of questions can this BI answer for you?

How busy are your users?

– Which users are most productive?

– How many changes are made to a specific piece of data a day?  An hour?

– Have any unauthorized users touched key pieces of data?

– What kind of customer/patient information is being collected?

And SO many more questions, answered with a few clicks.  

So if you have to go through a dreaded audit, give the auditors a boot early by giving them exactly what they need, in record time, so you can get back to business.  True business visbility and intelligence, helping you stay compliant.  Its as easy as one word.  Observato.

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