Empowering Your Field Service Techs to Become Sales People

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Looking to increase your profitability and cash flow?  According to this great blog by The Smart Van, there are six key ingredients to becoming a successful service profit chain.  However, if you are just looking for a quick and simple fix, it starts and ends with your field service techs.  Your “army” of field techs has an advantage that the rest of your organization misses out on, the face-to-face interaction with your customer base.  With the right training and the proper tools, your field service techs can bring in the dough far faster and less expensively than your customer service reps or any expensive marketing campaign.  The two sales tricks that we are going to focus on in this blog are taking mobile payments and upselling.

Why Mobile Payments?

Taking payments out in the field can benefit your organization in many ways.  It increases your cash flow because you are getting paid almost immediately for the work that has been done.  You also eliminate a burdensome paper trail and time and money put into billing a customer later.  With the technology out there, you can also easily capture a customer’s signature, securing payment in an effective and efficient way.

Why Upselling?

A field service tech has the advantage of being able to access a customer’s full account history and preferences, while interacting with the customer face to face.  According to Zendesk, 42% of B2C customers purchased more after a good customer service experience.  That means that if your field service tech has provided your customer with a good experience, they are more likely to buy more from your organization.

So what to you need to do to empower your field techs?

Sales Training for the Field

Bring in a salesperson, or use someone internally that can hold workshops to teach your field service techs how to sell face-to-face.  Chances are your field techs are engineers, and that is what they do best.  You must supply them with the education to enable them to sell.  Teach them how to engage with the customer and what to say in order to get the best results.

Provide a Mobile Payment Solution

Although it may still be a while before mobile payment solutions are fully adopted by the mass market, the market is already inundated.  The top contenders seem to be Square, PayPal and Intuit GoPayment, who all offer a mobile credit card reader and app that allow businesses to process credit cards and capture customer signatures instantly on nearly any mobile device.  Other perks include sending email receipts instantaneously to customers and integrations with backend billing systems.  Smaller contenders like Punchey boast cheaper credit card fees and marketing benefits to encourage new customers.  By tying this in with your mobile workforce management solution, you can improve cash flow while reducing invoicing.

Get an UpSell App

Apps like the ClickSoftware Upsell App show field service techs what services or products can be added to a customer’s package.  Upselling often works better in the field because a field service tech can tailor an upsell based on customer preference and lifestyle, all things that field techs can observe and/or access via their mobility solution.  You can learn more about the ClickSoftware Upsell App by watching their video here:

With technology out there that allows you to be better connected to your field techs at all times including MWFM solutions, BYOD policies, and powerful mobile devices, it would be a shame not to use your field service techs as salespeople.  Give your company an advantage by empowering your field employees to engage with your customer base on more than one level.  And don’t forget to learn from them too.  Your field techs can provide valuable market research for you that you can’t get elsewhere.

Do you encourage your techs to sell for you?

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