For the Love of Software (The Best Software of 2014 in Our Opinion)

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and while some of you might be scrambling to get last minute gifts for your loved ones, we wanted to jump on the love wagon and tell you about five software products (and cloud services) your organization should be falling in love with this Valentine’s Day (if it hasn’t already). Who’s to say that people can’t love their software. In fact, that should be a requirement of every organization’s discovery stage when buying new software. The buyers should fall in love with the software.

This is where the mandatory warning label comes in.  Software is a lot like love in that it still has its quirks, problems, and external forces working against it. BUT, if it is a good match, then, voila, it will work harmoniously within an organization, just like the right couple (even if that may be you and your dog).

So without further delay, here are our five nominations for love-worthy software in 2014. Cue the Barry White (or maybe not):

Puppet Enterprise – IT Automation Software

What Does It Do?

According to Puppet Labs’ website, Puppet Enterprises “gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud.”

The software automates the following tasks in any IT environment:

  • Discovery
  • Provisioning
  • OS & App Configuration Management
  • Orchestration
  • Reporting

Why Do You Need It?

  • Puppet Enterprise will help your organization to:
  • Meet security requirements
  • Reduce IT headcount
  • Make system administrators more efficient and productive
  • Give small organizations ability to scale quickly

For more benefits read some of Puppet Enterprise’s case studies HERE.

Amazon Web Services – Enterprise IT Cloud Computing

What Does It Do?

According to Amazon’s website, “enterprise firms use Cloud Computing from AWS for IT innovation, agility and resiliency while reducing costs.” As a complete cloud platform, AWS provides enterprise organizations with multiple features and benefits for a low monthly subscription. While AWS offers many features and functionality the ones that stick out as most beneficial to the enterprise organization are as follows:

  • Build your own IT solutions
  • Run enterprise apps (CRM, ERP, etc) without the long deployments, better scalability, and less cost
  • Build and host your website (includes easy integration to other apps, workflows, etc.)
  • Store data securely

Why Do You Need It?

AWS provides organizations with the ability to run applications and store data more flexibly and more affordably than traditional on-premise solutions. The biggest benefits of cloud computing for organizations are:

  • Scalability
  • Easy, quick deployments
  • Simple integrations
  • Adaptability (which allows organizations to adjust to change more quickly and effectively)

For more benefits read some of Amazon’s case studies HERE.

Concirrus Connect – Internet of Things Platform

What Does It Do?

According to Concirrus’s website, Concirrus Connect is “built on open standards and hosted in the cloud, the platform is able to take input and issue commands from/to any device – video, audio, simple and complex data. It is fully extensible, secure, and highly scalable. The data can be accessed and devices controlled from the web, the back office and from mobile devices.”

The platform’s feature set includes the following:

  • Remote device management
  • Secure data hosting
  • Application configuration and development
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications on iPhone and Android
  • Consultancy
  • Support

Why Do You Need It?

The Internet of Things is the next big thing from a technological perspective. As big organizations such as Microsoft and Google get on board, it would be who of any organization to join the bandwagon and develop services and/or products with the concept in mind. Adding M2M and Internet of Things related services and devices to your offerings using Concirrus will:

  • Give your organization a competitive edge
  • Give you better insight into your customer base
  • Give you better data results
  • Make your organization more agile
  • Reduce time developing new technology

For more benefits read some of Concirrus’s case studies HERE.

Prelert – Automated Anomaly Detection Analytics

What Does It Do?

According to their website, “Prelert’s Anomaly Detective uses the latest unsupervised machine learning technologies to automatically analyze huge volumes of data and identify the anomalous behaviors that accompany security threats and performance issues.” In other words, their software is able to intelligently predict and detect issues across any field or sourcetype within any infrastructure, application, or environment.  The feature set includes:

  • Finding problems before they impact your system
  • Troubleshooting unfamiliar sourcetypes
  • Visualizing system performance
  • Establishing baseline behavorial patterns
  • Advanced analytics

Why Do You Need It?

Your organization undoubtedly operates a complex combination of on-premise and cloud based software, applications, and environements.  This makes it incredibly hard for any IT department, big or small, to keep track of everything, let alone ensure that things are consistantly working smoothly.  Prelert takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing organizations with the ability to spot and solve problems before they affect the business user. The benefits are:

  • Increased efficiency (complex issues are diagnosed easily so IT time isn’t wasted troubleshooting)
  • Less down time (anomolies are found BEFORE they affect the user ensuring better productivity and less broken software)
  • Better security (threats are being monitored in real-time making them more managable and preventable)

For more benefits read some of Prelert’s case studies HERE.

Observato – Enterprise Data Auditing Software

What Does It Do?

Observato by Realise Data Systems is an independent data auditing tool that tracks and archives any data that has been created, changed, or destroyed within any system. As an independent application it does not burden your systems with storage and it acts as much more powerful data log than those already built into your software.  It’s features include:

  • Multi-system search functionality (search by user, time, etc.)
  • Customizable for your industry/organization
  • Visual analytics (showing user productivity, database activity, and more)
  • Full data record (who, what, where, when)
  • Easy-to-use UI (built for business users, not IT professionals)
  • Cloud based or on-premise

Why Do You Need It?

As organizations collect more and more data (Big Data) it becomes harder to monitor, track, and find errors. Your data quality and customer service then suffers. Most organizations these days need an IT professional to find and correct errors within data records, or to roll back changes.  Observato eliminates this need.  It’s benefits include:

  • Better customer service (data issues resolved in seconds or minutes, not days)
  • Business user accountability (human errors easily identified, data activity is monitored)
  • Helps organizations stay compliant (records archived for easy access after erased from the main frame)

For more benefits, download Realise Data System’s e-book below.

Have you had experience with any of the software we reviewed above?  Are you planning on implementing any of these lovable softwares?  We want to know.  Leave us a comment in the comment section below.  In the meantime, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Friday. We hope we have helped pick some weeds (or kiss some frogs as they might say) to guide you to the right software for your organization.

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