Is the Internet of Things More than Just Hype?

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The physical world around us is actually becoming a type of information system. Soon IT professionals will be needed for the world around us, not just for the needs and functionality of organizations. This is the case due to what is being called the “Internet of Things.”

According to TechTarget (our go-to guru on tech definitions) the “Internet of Thing” is defined as: A scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and the Internet.

In other words, the Internet of Things means embedding objects with sensors and giving them the ability to communicate. It opens up a world of possibility. Imagine your fridge being able to create a grocery list for you by monitoring what you take in and out of it.  Or a heart valve implant sending data to the heart surgeon that put it in. Or a basic concept that is already in place, an automobile that tells you when the tire pressure is low, or stops the car when you get to close to another object.

Still not quite sure what exactly we are talking about? This explainer video from Concirrus (the provider of an Internet of Things platform) helps clear things up.

The concept of the Internet of Things tends to go hand and hand with M2M (machine to machine) communication that is already being used in industries such as oil and gas, utilities, and manufacturing.

However, we should correct ourselves by saying that the Internet of Things is not JUST a concept.  While the concept itself has been around for over a decade, the Internet of Things isn’t just hype anymore. It is already being explored and implemented by some of the world’s biggest technology companies.  In fact the CFO of Google, Patrick Pichette, stated that research and development is already taking place in the hopes of making Android the operating system of the Internet of Things.

According to Forbes, the Internet of Things has put us at a tipping point in history where we shift into a different reality.  The article states: “Internet of Everything” goes far beyond the development of new consumer products. Open source hardware and software already are allowing the easy integration of programatic interfaces with everything from weather stations to locomotive. 

This reality shift, and the Internet of Things will not come without challenges.  In fact, that may be why IoT is more of a buzzword than an actuality and why most still see it as just a concept. Developers and the organizations that implement IoT will struggle with language, regional communication barriers, platforms, and more. But perhaps the biggest forecasted issue will be with the data that is collected.

Imagine your all of your inanimate objects becoming “smart” devices and recording and communicating interactions with you, with other people and other “smart” objects. Think of all the data that would be collected, passed through systems, and stored. Data that would need to be analyzed to be effective.  Really, its an unimaginable amount. How will this affect data security and data governance?

As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality and less of a buzzword, organizations are going to need a strong data auditing tool to keep up with the data collection.  Let us help you out.  Our data tracking application records and archives any piece of data that has been created, edited, or destroyed within any system. While you may not have bought into the Internet of Things yet, your organization will benefit from being ahead of the game.  Find out more below.

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