Why Managing Resources is a Must for Business Process Management?

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To successfully manage your business processes, it’s very important to manage your resources well. The two go hand in hand. so why managing resources is a must for business process management (BPM)?

Visibility and Control

Having an overall view of who is doing what, and when and where they are doing it can make a big difference to many aspects of your business. Combine this with a good mobile strategy and you can improve your business dramatically. Being able to see the progress of a job in real-time means you can make changes in real-time too. Many jobs change as they go along, there are often unforeseen issues that need to be dealt with. If a technician is out on a site visit, knowing what problems have arisen at the time they occur means you can deal with them fast. With a good communication system in place your staff can be given advise or another technician can be immediately dispatched. If you know where all your staff are at any one time, you can search for a technician who is in the area, who perhaps has completed a job and is free. With this overview of your mobile workforce, picking the best person for the job becomes easy. You’ll be able to see at a glance where everyone is, and at what stage of a job they are at, without having to ring everyone up!

Reaction Time

Being able to react quickly means more jobs can be completed efficiently, and clients are kept happy! Being able to keep on top of events allows you to react fast. For example. If a technician is stuck in traffic, you will know about it before a disgruntled customer calls you up and asks you where they are. You can be ahead of the game and call them to let them know of the delay, or in the event of a major delay, such as a breakdown or a road closure, despatch someone from a different location. With good resource management you can also keep on top of any missing parts, or over and under capacity, saving you both time and money.

Reducing Costs

Every business likes to reduce their costs and with proper management of your resources you can do just that. Cutting down on travel time means cutting down on mileage costs. It can also help you cut down on overtime and weekend work. Many costs are hidden  such as revisits. Imagine a technician arriving at a customer’s location without the relevant tools or missing parts. This will leave a disappointed client but will also cost you extra to schedule another technician, hopefully this time with the right tools/parts for the job.

Managing a large technical resource base requires a large backoffice personel to coordinate everything, less visibility means more staff attending to the schedule. Can you reduce your backoffice cost by having a better system in place to manage your resources?

Business Preparation and Improvement

It’s important to think ahead. Identify high demand for particular skills, look at areas that are particularly in demand and make sure you can cater to an increased demand. Take a look at the calendar. Does demand change with the season, or at particular times of year such as certain holidays or in certain weather conditions? Do you have a plan in place for any natural disasters that may occur. However rare or unlikely, it’s good to have a contingency plan in place for every eventuality. In an emergency people tend to panic less if they have a clear set of instructions to follow.


When your operations are recorded to the smallest detail, you can easily trace back your activities. You’ll know exactly what happened when, making it far easier to pinpoint the trigger of a failure, or determine culpability. You’ll also be able to create a full audit trail for compliance purposes. Audit serves as your backup but also as your future improvement platform, monitoring activity and constantly learning how to improve your business process.

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