New Year 2013: Field Service Resolutions

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It’s that time of year when we all momentarily reflect on the past twelve months before many of us set ourselves personal resolutions for the coming year.  Such reflection lets us appreciate the good and the bad, missed opportunities, and areas of personal growth fulfillment and failure, and a chance to make things different over the coming year.  Since Ancient Babylonian times, and for many people every year since, the New Year’s Resolution symbolizes a person’s desire to “…do or not do something in order to accomplish a personal goal or break a habit.”

Sadly however, research from the University of Bristol reveals that 88% of resolutions fail despite people’s best intentions at the beginning: normality returns in their lives and the opportunity to change and make a difference is wasted.

For many field service businesses, 2013 will also be simply “business as usual.”  In other words, nothing will change: The field engineers will do the same work in the same way and the customers will receive the same type of service with the same service level as they always have.  In today’s competitive environments, differentiation is vital to a business’s future success so why not start the next twelve months with a creative way of articulating your business’s goals for 2013? If so many personal resolutions fail then many business-related ones may fail too so here is a potential opportunity to create that much needed differentiation by sticking to your resolutions.

But much of the time, business goals are archaically written and easily misunderstood so to promote some end of year reflection and thought, Realise Data Systems thought it would be interesting to take the top ten resolutions from 2012, as published by Statistic Brain, and to interpret these for use in your business.

1.     Lose Weight – eliminate excess operating costs

2.     Get(ting )Organized – improve business process to deliver better service

3.     Spend Less, Save More – invest in field service schedule optimization

4.     Enjoy Life to the Fullest – introduce team-building activities to have fun outside of work

5.     Staying Fit and Healthy – find new ways for your business to stay lean and ahead of the pack

6.     Learn Something Exciting – speak to customers, learn what they really want from you, get excited about it, and innovate

7.     Quit Smoking – remove the toxins from the business including dated technology and unproductive people

8.     Help Others in Their Dreams – most employees want to grow so invest in them: give them some time to study for their next skill or passion during the company’s working week

9.     Fall in Love – educate everyone about your products and services so they understand exactly what they do and why: It’s not just a product or service, it’s an emotion too

10.  Spend More Time with Family – reduce employee travel and overtime working so they’re home more but invest in resource capacity planning tools so you can still cover all of the workload

So let’s dispense with the MBA textbook, strategy manuals, and clichés and move from “Cut costs by x%” to “Lose Weight” and make your goals for 2013 seem more…human.  Be the first to promote your resolutions: how will you make a difference in running your field service business in 2013?

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