Observato™ Business Scenarios: #1 – The Appointment Mistake

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Many people would believe that Observato is a product for IT managers but actually its purpose is to solve business problems, both in real time and retroactively.   To demonstrate this to you, we will be publishing a series of blog posts that explore real business scenarios in which Observato could be a saving grace.

In our first business scenario, we explore the world of cable companies.  Sue, the customer, calls up a well-known cable company, XYZ Cable, because she has just moved and is looking for cable to be installed in her new house.  John, the customer service representative at XYZ Cable, takes her information and schedules her installation appointment for next Thursday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Sue makes arrangements to be at home that Thursday to meet the cable guy.

On that Thursday morning, two of XYZ’s local cable guys call in sick.  XYZ Cable uses their field service management software to shift schedules around to adapt to the shortage of staff and Carrie, another customer service representative calls Sue to tell her that unfortunately they have to move her appointment window from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. to 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.  Although annoyed about having to rearrange her own schedule, Sue understands that things come up and agrees to the change.   She gets a text message on her phone confirming the appointment time change.  She then goes out to get her errands done before the cable guy shows up.

When Sue gets back from running her errands at 12:15 p.m., she finds a note on the door from Bob, the cable guy, saying “Sorry we missed you,” and prompting her to reschedule her installation appointment with the customer service department.  He had shown up during the original appointment booking even though she had gotten verbal and written communication confirming a new appointment window.

Now that her whole day has been wasted, Sue angrily calls up XYZ Cable and gets customer service representative Dave.  Dave looks up Sue’s file but doesn’t understand what went wrong with Sue’s appointment.  Did Carrie get the appointment window wrong when she called up Sue to change the times?  Did Bob, the cable guy, read his schedule wrong?  Or was there a flaw in the field service management software that caused an anomaly?  Dave doesn’t know and all that he can offer Sue are his apologies for the mistake.  Sue tells Dave she will be getting from cable from XYZ’s competitor instead.

Poor XYZ Cable.  While mistakes like these are sometimes unavoidable due to human and software error, the resolution of them can be easier with the data tracking software Observato.  All Dave would have had to do was log in to Observato and put in Sue’s name into the search.  Observato would have then had the full record of actions pertaining to Sue’s case, including who changed the appointment time, what time Bob took the job, and who originally scheduled Sue’s appointment.  In this case, Dave would have found out that Bob went to Sue’s house at the wrong time, and this could have been explained to Sue, while action was taken internally to ensure that this sort of situation did not happen again.  In this business scenario, Observato acts as a customer service solution while helping improve operations as well.

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