Observato, Your Data Audit Trail, Comes to the Movies!

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Ok, so Realise Data System’s data audit trail product isn’t exactly featured in a full length blockbuster.  However, we are excited to share this quick 90 second informative video with you to help you understand exactly what Observato does, and why your business needs it.

If your business struggles to find and fix data errors when using database backup files, if the built in audit applications within your systems have gaps you just can’t fill, or you suffer from bad data quality or looming government data audits, you NEED to watch this video.  Let us help cure your data problems in a cost-effective, efficient manner.  You won’t find another product like this on the market.  Take a look now.

We would love to give you a detailed tour of the Observato products so you can see how it really works and what you will get out of it.

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