Keep recorded information of all your business transactions for as long as you need to.
Never compromise on accessibility or performance of your archives

Divide and Conquer

Keeping your audit separate from your main system is critical to keeping your applications running smoothly. The same holds true for archives. You don’t need to compromise on space or on access, keep your archived data running in a separate location, keep it hidden, keep it safe.


Your archived data is always available from the same application. It is critical that you can easily access your data even if it is years old. Observato allows you to always have intimate access to historical data, even when it is long gone from your main application.

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No Exceptions

Archive all your data without partiality. It is your data and there is no reason to make exceptions. Observato can keep records of what you need for as long as you need it. Don't compromise with other tools that restrict you by limiting capacity and taking risks by purging older data records.

Infinit Growth

Infinite Growth With a fully cloud based platform you can extend your data archive as your data set grows. You are no longer limited by your hardware or data center's capacity.

Never risk being non-compliant by having accidently deleted important data.

Get rid of holes in your data stream and history.

You, your users and compliance officers get a full picture of your complete data.

Let us show you why adding Observato to your organization's data strategy is a must.

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