Track any data record, anywhere, solving data errors quickly, improving customer service and keeping you compliant.


Consolidate all your audit log data into one platform, stop searching for historical records in log files located on remote servers. Record all that you need and filter out the noise. Auditing your systems should be simple and easy, searching your audit log should be easier.


Be fully data compliant with one simple solution. Compliance can be a costly and time consuming process yet it is a key aspect of modern business operations. Save time and effort and show that any transaction can be traced and restored.

What is more valuable than restoring a full system and proving your conduct was according to regulations?

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Real Time

Eliminate the long wait to restore a backup file and do away with poor reporting. With Observato, data is recorded in real time, all the searches and reports are available immediately for user's access. No more long waits between incidents and recoveries.

Quickly integrate with any existing system or platform to enhance your audit log

Data record navigation and legend makes understanding transactions easier

Let us show you why adding Observato to your organisation's data strategy is a must.

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