Find any data record with multi-system, multi-function search capabilities.

Any Record

Search for any record from one simple application. Observato integrates with any of your systems and allows you to perform cross system searches for records that may exist in various locations. Locating a record is easy with customised filtering and wildcard searches.


Create more advanced filters and search queries. Save your searched for later use and repeated searches. Advanced filters include filtering by tags, users, time range, source, schema, values, references and even complex relational data structure.

Comprehensive History

Find out who changed it, the order of events, which fields were changed and what were the values. It is easy to restore incorrect data and return to operational capacity without restoring a complete database. You can quickly examine the full picture of what happened at that point in time when you had a system crash, discover what led to the exception and the quickest way to recover.

Locate Exceptions

Even the best developed and maintained systems still have gaps in the process. Some users don’t enter correct data or skip critical steps in the process. Backed automated processes can load your system with random information, overriding your data or stopping your systems from operating. Our search function allows you to span your investigation across many systems, types of data fields, locations and schema types.

Take the guesswork out of finding data errors.

Filter by user, type, value, system, time-stamp and more.

Instant, reliable results means better operational efficiency and customer service.

Let us show you why adding Observato to your organisation's data strategy is a must.

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