Real Time Data Tracking Software Exists!

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You might already know it, or you might not, but there is a gap in your software solutions.  If you are still in the dark, this statement might make you frown because you have spent a lot of money on software solutions that are meant to improve all parts of your organization.  Most likely, you have implemented a CRM solution, and ERP solution, and depending on your industry an EMR or RPS solution among countless others.  But still… even after lots of money and time invested in the purchase and implementation of these solutions, we swear, something is still missing.  Don’t believe us?  Just answer these questions for us:

  • Is ALL of your operational data archived?
  • Can you tell when a system or business user is creating bad data?
  • Can you track which systems are being used the most, or what parts of one system are the most heavily used?  What about the busiest parts of the day for your business users?
  • When a data failure happens can you restore all your data within the hour?

If so, then you are missing a vital tool that will allow you to answer yes to all these questions, thus exponentially increasing your operational efficiency, data quality and in some cases, even your customer service.

That brings us to our very exciting announcement… real time data tracking software does in fact exist.  Imagine being able to search individual pieces of data based on user, system, schema, when it was created, and other filters.  Then having the complete history of this piece of data displayed neatly on the screen for you within seconds.  This is not just a possibility, it is a REALITY.

This is where the buts and howevers are interjected:

We use a database backup to archive our data and resolve data issues.

Database backups are great but…

  • Database backups do not give you a full picture of your data; they only take a snapshot at the end of each day.
  • Business users cannot easily access and interpret database backup files; an IT professional needs to be involved.

Our systems already have built-in audit logs that tell us when our data has been changed and why.

A built-in data audit log is essential to any system but…

  • System audit logs only have the capacity to give you a limited view of data creation, changes, or deletions.  The rest cannot be accessed without programming knowledge, which means involving a computer scientist or IT professional.
  • These audit logs are not searchable, the data presented is what you get, no more, no less.

So about that real time data tracking software…

Observato™ is an application created by Realise Data System that provides real time data tracking and data auditing.  Unlike a database backup Observato tracks your data throughout the day giving you accurate real time results.  At the same time the application is its own entity, meaning it doesn’t bog down your current systems with its archiving.

So stop just living with or putting up with the gaps in your systems and make real time data tracking easier at your organization today.

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