Custom Product Development

Not a one size fits all solution. You have a need for a solution but you just cannot find the right fit on the market, don't worry, we have a great development team that can help you realise your perfect software.

A custom solution for your business

Get the right system developed for you.


Data is king, from traditional relational databases to cutting edge BigData solutions. We have very experienced in delivering the right system for your business using modern development processes that guarantee your satisfaction.



Create usable mobile solutions that fit your growing business needs, connect and communicate from any location and stay on top of your tasks. We use the latest technologies making your solution best of breed.


How Does It Work?

Here is a small taste of what we offer and how we do it.


We follow modern development process based on Agile. As a proven process for delivering software we firmly believe that collaboration promotes quality.

Continuous Integration

Small deliveries that are easy to deploy and prove progress, promote collaboration and maintain quality. We constantly keep you in the loop, not only on our progress but we also demonstrate a working system that continually evolves with your requirements and features.

Testing First

Some call it Test Driven Development but we know this may be too technical a term. What we do is make sure all code is tested automatically with every code change; maintaining quality and promoting better coding standards.

Cloud Ready

The cloud enable you to quickly realise return from your investment, reduce costs and cut wait time on resources. We are actively using the cloud for our own software and know how useful it can be for our clients.

Security Minded

We cannot stress enough how security is shaping our industry. It is in the heart of what we do, how we think and where our design and development is going in the future. Utilizing best of breed cloud solutions, we maintain a close eye on any changes and development, keeping your system at the front with security matters.


Modularity is at the heart of all that we do, it is by keeping software components small and independent that you push the boundaries of modern designed systems. This level of flexibility helps us create systems that are easy to maintain, extend and test. Some call it plug and play but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Runtime Management

Open Service Gateway is the way to develop modern systems that are flexible and modular but also have a true runtime deployment capability. This means you can make releases in runtime without system downtime, sounds amazing? We think so too, join us to learn how this is possible.

Cross Platform

Java is a truly cross platform language that enables you to harness the true power of your hardware while not compromising on the operating system choices. Come and learn how to develop on windows, test on Mac and deploy to Linux/Cloud appliances.

Mobile First

Using HTML5 and Bootstrap with javascript we can create stunning user interfaces that work on any browser size, from mobile to tablet, touch screen or keyboard. Mobiles are moving into the front of your organisation, we make sure you use the best of breed technologies and become a leader in your market.

Let us show you why adding Observato to your organization's data strategy is a must.

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