Studying the Customer Experience with Data Tracking

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As a consumer, I have had more than a few run-ins with disorganized field service organizations.  During such occasions, I have always wondered why I am paying top dollar for a service when the company providing the service can’t even serve their customers properly. With all the technology and services out there, there shouldn’t be any excuse for poor customer service.  In fact, there isn’t.  Especially as competition for customers becomes more fierce, organizations should be doing everything in their power to keep their customers happy.  Here are some interesting customer service facts presented by Help Scout:

So you have a massive, effective CRM software and an FSM solution that optimizes the scheduling of your field techs, and you think you must be prepared to give the best customer experience.  Maybe; but probably not.  The problem that many field service organizations face is that their software systems don’t talk to each other.  And with many different business users using different software, often in different parts of the organization, information isn’t easily accessible.

At the same time, several different people in a service organization have contact with a customer.    The salespeople, customer service reps, and field techs all interact with customers.  And while a CRM can hold comments and information about each customer, it fails to give business users a detailed understanding of what actions others within the organization have taken in regards to the customer.

Take this scenario into account.  ABC Company is a cable company.  Field service tech Joe’s mother has suddenly passed away and he can’t make it into work tomorrow.  Dispatch needs to rearrange the schedule and they use their FSM software to do so.  It turns out that Colleen was waiting for her cable to be installed tomorrow.  She gets an email saying that her appointment window has changed from 9-12 p.m. to 2-5 p.m.  She calls up and customer service representative Steve answers her call.  She asks him why her appointment has been changed, because now she can’t be at home.  Steve opens up her file and has no idea why her appointment was changed.  After putting her on hold for a LONG time to consult his supervisor, he still can’t give her a definitive answer.  She asks him to cancel the appointment and decides to contact another service provider.

What could have saved ABC Company from losing Colleen as a customer?  Data tracking software.  The data tracking software Observato™ stores all your data from any software system all in one place.  Observato™ gives you the ability to look up data through a variety of search options, including source and reference.  Once you find the data entry you are searching for (in the above scenario it would have been Colleen’s appointment) Observato™ will give you a detailed account of what has been changed, when, and by whom.  If Steve had had access to Observato™, he would have easily been able to contact dispatch about the rearranged schedule and given Colleen an explanation.  From a customer experience perspective, a data tracking software not only saves time, but it can save a customer as well.  It makes complicated customer interactions with many touch points and simplifies it through an auditing process.

Customer service stats are courtesy of the Help Scout slideshare presentation that you can find HERE.

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