true cost of compliance

The True Cost of Compliance

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These days there are so many rules and regulations to comply to, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with it all. From time to time we can all be left wondering quite what it’s all about, is it really worth all this effort, feeling like we’re being made to jump through hoops, ensuring all our […]

data visibility

Who Pays for The Lack of Data Visibility?

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In today’s world there is a lot of hype around data and its usage, Let’s take a closer look at the penalties for a lack of data and data visibility in particular. Management All managers like to know what is going on at any given point in time, but on a global, birds eye level, […]


Why exactly is data auditing important?

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According to Techopedia; “a data audit refers to the auditing of data to assess its quality or utility for a specific purpose. Auditing data, unlike auditing finances, involves looking at key metrics, other than quantity, to create conclusions about the properties of a data set.” In our case, when we discuss data auditing, we are talking […]

Is the Internet of Things More than Just Hype?

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The physical world around us is actually becoming a type of information system. Soon IT professionals will be needed for the world around us, not just for the needs and functionality of organizations. This is the case due to what is being called the “Internet of Things.” According to TechTarget (our go-to guru on tech […]


End-of-Life Software Threatens Compliance

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We have discussed how a data auditing tool can help you to stay compliant with the latest regulations on this blog, but we have yet to go over how the software you implement at your organization directly affects your compliance as well.  In this case we want to explain how and why end-of-life software of […]