What’s a Data Strategy?

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Some of you may be rolling your eyes at the question “What’s a data strategy”?  In this case, you probably have already implemented one at your organization.  Kudos to you because according to research from Dataversity, you are one of only 11% of organizations that have. The truth of the matter is simple, even though people […]

the auditors

How Data Visibility Helps With Compliance

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Do you know what’s going on with your data? Right now? What about a full picture? Visibility is one of those words that is thrown around a lot in business. That’s because visibility is one of the best tools a business has to maintain control and improve operations. Perhaps the most important thing about having […]


Why exactly is data auditing important?

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According to Techopedia; “a data audit refers to the auditing of data to assess its quality or utility for a specific purpose. Auditing data, unlike auditing finances, involves looking at key metrics, other than quantity, to create conclusions about the properties of a data set.” In our case, when we discuss data auditing, we are talking […]

Is the Internet of Things More than Just Hype?

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The physical world around us is actually becoming a type of information system. Soon IT professionals will be needed for the world around us, not just for the needs and functionality of organizations. This is the case due to what is being called the “Internet of Things.” According to TechTarget (our go-to guru on tech […]

happy new year 2014

Starting the New Year Off Right With Data Quality

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It’s 2014, which means a fresh new year for your organization, and for all the challenges that come with running successful, efficient organizations.  But hopefully you are refreshed and rejuvenated after the holiday season, enjoyed a few cocktails, some laughs, and probably some cold weather, and now you are ready to get started on making […]

data structure

How To Combine a Structured and Semi Structured Data Model

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Merging structured and semi-structured data models gives you the flexibility to decipher and display data in a number of ways that best represents what is being analysed.  It gives you the best of both worlds, high-performance and navigation, flexibility and scalability.  Before we explain how this combination works though, it is important to understand the […]

data log

5 Things Your Data Log Should Do For You

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Your data log SHOULD be a lifeline between you and your data, you and your business users, and between your business users and their activity as well. But unfortunately, this probably isn’t what you are getting from your data log. In the blog post “But My System Already Has A Built-In Data Audit Log…” we […]

user activity

Why Analyzing User Activity is Critical for Many Companies

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Do you know what your business users are doing?  Can you track their progress, their interaction with your systems, or the data they create or manipulate?  Most organizations will unfortunately answer no to this question.  And that isn’t a good thing.  Being able to visualize and analyse your business users’ activities isn’t meant to be […]