The Mouse: Playing A Role In The Field

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Throughout the IT industry, there are numerous iconic people whose very names will have us easily recalling the technologies for which they have become famous because they have had a transformational effect on the way we run our lives. In 1981, the lesser-known Adam Osborne invented the first laptop – aptly named the Osborne 1 […]

google glass

Google Glass for Field Service Techs?

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Google Glass, the latest and greatest tech development from the geeks at Google, is going to hit the mass market soon.  Already being distributed to a few lucky chosen testers, Google Glass is changing the way people see the world, literally.  The concept behind Google Glass is the melding of the computerized world and the […]

mobile workforce

Why Growing Mobile Workforces Make Tracking Software Essential

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While mobility becomes more and more popular thanks to the constant technological race between mobile giants and their newest operating systems such as Android and iOS, coincidentally, field service organizations’ mobile workforces are also growing.   As organizations grow, they not only add more field technicians to their headcount, but they often also give their […]