What You Need From Field Service Management Software

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Field Service Management is the hot new thing, many new software companies provide it as the new tool you need for effectively managing your field staff. Some provide it as a SaaS solution, typically for small companies that have around 50 resources or less and some are that are at enterprise level and are significantly […]

paper schedule

The reluctance to move on from paper scheduling

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Our experiences have brought to light an interesting fact; the majority of service organisations still rely on pen and paper for scheduling and coordinating their work. In this modern world with its’ abundance of high tech solutions, why are we so reticent to move on to more advanced solutions? We like what we know Many […]

mobile engineer

Who’s in control of YOUR mobile workforce?

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Are you immediately thinking ‘ I am!’? Perhaps you should consider the following points before jumping to that conclusion! 1. Can you tell who is doing what and when they are doing it? Regardless of the size of your organisation, when you have mobile technicians, there will always be times when you can’t see who […]

The Workforce Management Boom in Oil and Gas

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A new emphasis has been put on the importance of workforce management in the Oil and Gas industry over the past couple of years. As competition grows and oil and gas companies seek alternative energy sources, optimized and automated workforce management and field resource management has become essential. These companies face a myriad of problems […]

Giving Thanks to Your Field Service Business

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Today it’s the traditional day of giving thanks in the United States of America: Thanksgiving. While we have been busy drowning, preparing, and cooking a huge turkey for what seems like an endless number of hours, eventually the wine was cracked open and we started musing about how a running a successful and efficient field […]

Field Service Management Software and SMBs in 2013

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As a longtime FSM consulting business, Realise Data Systems likes to keep tabs on what service organizations are really looking for when it comes to field service management software.  The service industry has become extremely competitive, and as technology advances, field service management software has become more of a necessity than a competitive advantage.  Luckily […]