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Efficiency and Optimisation

Efficiency and Optimisation

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Efficiency and optimization seem to go hand in hand and they really do. Efficiency is the driving force in reducing operational costs and Optimization is the engine with which to achieve this goal. When discussing workforce management solutions, the first thing to discuss is the return on investment (ROI). What value can a service organization […]

field service optimisation

Field Service Optimisation

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What is optimization? M&W defines it as: Field of applied mathematics whose principles and methods are used to solve quantitative problems in disciplines including physics, biology, engineering, and economics. Questions of maximizing or minimizing functions arising in the various disciplines can be solved using the same mathematical tools. In a typical optimization problem, the goal is […]


What You Need From Field Service Management Software

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Field Service Management is the hot new thing, many new software companies provide it as the new tool you need for effectively managing your field staff. Some provide it as a SaaS solution, typically for small companies that have around 50 resources or less and some are that are at enterprise level and are significantly […]

mobile engineer

Who’s in control of YOUR mobile workforce?

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Are you immediately thinking ‘ I am!’? Perhaps you should consider the following points before jumping to that conclusion! 1. Can you tell who is doing what and when they are doing it? Regardless of the size of your organisation, when you have mobile technicians, there will always be times when you can’t see who […]

social media strategy

4 Social Media Strategies For Your Organisation

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The joys of social media. On one hand social media brings organisations closer to their customer base, helps with market research, and allows you to keep tabs on the competition. On the other hand it can be a dangerous minefield, where one wrong step can undermine or even ruin an organisation’s reputation. This is just […]

Is Night Work Truly Damaging Field Service?

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For many years professional bodies have been warning businesses and their employees about the adverse effects that night-time work is having on the human body. Despite the obvious debilitating effects of sleep deprivation these warnings extend into the increased risks of stress, diabetes and obesity, heart attacks, and cancer. In fact, there’s probably enough written […]

Giving Thanks to Your Field Service Business

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Today it’s the traditional day of giving thanks in the United States of America: Thanksgiving. While we have been busy drowning, preparing, and cooking a huge turkey for what seems like an endless number of hours, eventually the wine was cracked open and we started musing about how a running a successful and efficient field […]