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Is Night Work Truly Damaging Field Service?

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For many years professional bodies have been warning businesses and their employees about the adverse effects that night-time work is having on the human body. Despite the obvious debilitating effects of sleep deprivation these warnings extend into the increased risks of stress, diabetes and obesity, heart attacks, and cancer. In fact, there’s probably enough written […]

Giving Thanks to Your Field Service Business

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Today it’s the traditional day of giving thanks in the United States of America: Thanksgiving. While we have been busy drowning, preparing, and cooking a huge turkey for what seems like an endless number of hours, eventually the wine was cracked open and we started musing about how a running a successful and efficient field […]

Planning for Natural Disasters: Is it Possible?

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In the past few days, most of us have viewed images and watched videos about the devastation that was brought to the town of Moore, Oklahoma when it was torn apart by a ferocious tornado on 20 May 2013.  Categorized as an EF5 tornado using the Enhanced Fujita Scale, this is about as bad as […]

google glass

Google Glass for Field Service Techs?

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Google Glass, the latest and greatest tech development from the geeks at Google, is going to hit the mass market soon.  Already being distributed to a few lucky chosen testers, Google Glass is changing the way people see the world, literally.  The concept behind Google Glass is the melding of the computerized world and the […]