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Field Service Management Expands Onto Mobile Platforms

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The high tech world does no small job keeping on top of the latest trends that are transforming the industry.  Social media, mobility, big data, the cloud have been introduced with trumpets blaring, creating buzz, hype, and sometimes confusion and skepticism as well.  In the meantime, something big has happened where field service management software […]

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Giving Confidence Back To The Software Buyer

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Last month, our blog “Buying Software When Expertise Clashes With Hype” discussed how some Field Service Management vendors may be confusing potential buyers and blurring the lines between what functionality their products really have. The problem for buyers is therefore obvious – and worrying – given that careers often rest on the success of this […]

The Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant Report for 2012 Has Been Released!

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The Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant Report for 2012 has been released.  The report compared the market’s end-to-end field service management solutions based on intensive research.  A report that can be used by both consumers and investors alike, the magic quadrant shows the key players in field service management and where they stand in […]