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4 Social Media Strategies For Your Organisation

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The joys of social media. On one hand social media brings organisations closer to their customer base, helps with market research, and allows you to keep tabs on the competition. On the other hand it can be a dangerous minefield, where one wrong step can undermine or even ruin an organisation’s reputation. This is just […]

Facebook Turns 10: A Look Back At Technology Then and Now

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Today, Facebook is celebrating their tenth anniversary.  It is hard to imagine that ten years have gone by since this social network changed the world, socially and technologically.  In the past ten years Facebook, and other emerging social networks have changed the buyer persona, the behaviors and actions of society, and the way we see […]

Does SMS Have a Future in Field Service?

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A mobile phone’s Short Messaging Service – that’s SMS or what most people refer to as text messaging – has been in use now since the early 1990s. And since its introduction, it has transformed the way that people keep in touch by providing a virtually instant message that could be read upon receipt or […]