true cost of compliance

The True Cost of Compliance

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These days there are so many rules and regulations to comply to, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with it all. From time to time we can all be left wondering quite what it’s all about, is it really worth all this effort, feeling like we’re being made to jump through hoops, ensuring all our […]

big brother

Big Brother – Good or Bad?

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In this age of technology we have so many new ways to monitor and put surveillance on our employees. The question is, how do we know we are doing a good thing and not actually damaging our business? Monitoring prevents mistakes being repeated. Let’s take for example data audit. If we have a way to […]

cyber security

3 Ways Improving your Business Process Management can help with Big Data and Cyber Security

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Centralise access and security management. Everything becomes easier when all your data is in one place. Control all your accounts, credentials, roles and user access from one place and you’re reducing the chance of errors. You’re making life easier by simplifying your systems. If your data is spread over several systems, it can be tricky […]


End-of-Life Software Threatens Compliance

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We have discussed how a data auditing tool can help you to stay compliant with the latest regulations on this blog, but we have yet to go over how the software you implement at your organization directly affects your compliance as well.  In this case we want to explain how and why end-of-life software of […]

amazon drone

Drones = New Data Auditing Challenges

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Last week’s announcement by Amazon that it is trialing a new drone-based delivery system – aptly named Amazon PrimeAir – to have goods of up to five pounds in weight delivered and in the hands of their customers within thirty minutes created a stir.  In fact the buzz of excitement and the interest generated by […]

4 Ways Big Organizations Track their Business Processes and Data

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For big organizations to just function these days there are many business processes and software applications at work, all day and every day. With ERP software, workforce management software, other operational software and more running behind the scenes keeping your business on its toes, there’s a wealth of information being constantly passed around, accessed, and edited. […]

mobile workforce

Why Growing Mobile Workforces Make Tracking Software Essential

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While mobility becomes more and more popular thanks to the constant technological race between mobile giants and their newest operating systems such as Android and iOS, coincidentally, field service organizations’ mobile workforces are also growing.   As organizations grow, they not only add more field technicians to their headcount, but they often also give their […]