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Quality Assurance: Three Common Bad Practices to Avoid

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Quality Assurance (QA) is essential when it comes to delivering solutions that satisfy your client’s requirements, provide great user experience, and run smoothly in the long-term. In fact, nowadays it’s not uncommon for the QA team to be as big as or larger than the development team. Even so, largely due to a reduction in […]

software design matters

Why Great Software Design Matters

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Whichever approach to software development you choose, each shares a basic, fundamental tenet – that software development consists of two important and distinct processes: design and implementation. Clients often want to see concrete results fast, meaning that the design phase can be rushed or cut short. But the importance of good software design cannot be […]


End-of-Life Software Threatens Compliance

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We have discussed how a data auditing tool can help you to stay compliant with the latest regulations on this blog, but we have yet to go over how the software you implement at your organization directly affects your compliance as well.  In this case we want to explain how and why end-of-life software of […]


Buying Software When Expertise Clashes With Hype

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When a business embarks on a journey to buy new software, it is often faced with a vast array of vendors from which they can make their selection.  These vendors typically vary greatly in terms of the functionality that their products offer (and how they differ from alternatives available to the buyer), the expected implementation […]