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Is the Internet of Things More than Just Hype?

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The physical world around us is actually becoming a type of information system. Soon IT professionals will be needed for the world around us, not just for the needs and functionality of organizations. This is the case due to what is being called the “Internet of Things.” According to TechTarget (our go-to guru on tech […]

Is Microsoft About to Make Waves via Cloud Computing?

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Microsoft announced Tuesday that Bill Gates had stepped down as chairman and now served as advisor to newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella.  Mr. Nadella, a longtime Microsoft employee (22 years in fact), was most recently their executive vice president of cloud and enterprise businesses.  Accredited for the rising success of Microsoft’s cloud computing initiatives, there is speculation […]

What Kind of Year Was 2013 For Your Business?

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2013.  It is almost over.  It will be in precisely 27 days.  Maybe we are jumping the gun but we wanted to take some time to reflect on the year.  Not from the perspective of data auditing or our product Observato, and not from a field service perspective.  We just wanted to look back on […]