The Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant Report for 2012 Has Been Released!

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The Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant Report for 2012 has been released.  The report compared the market’s end-to-end field service management solutions based on intensive research.  A report that can be used by both consumers and investors alike, the magic quadrant shows the key players in field service management and where they stand in 2012.  A couple of important points that Gartner covers:

** According to the Gartner report, a field service management solution should be able to achieve the following:

  1. Receive requests for a field service technician from the Internet, telephone, or intelligent device.
  2. Assign a service technician, with long, midrange, weekly and intraday optimization of the technician’s work orders, factoring in constraints (for example, assets, skills, etc.) and improved SLA compliance.
  3. Complete mobilization of the technician to perform end-to-end service tasks, including the ability to look up inventory status in real time or cached on a wireless device.
  4. Integrate with GPS and geographic information system (GIS) capabilities.
  5. Provide field service functionality that supports a continuum of field service models, from reactive to preventive to predictive to reliability-centered maintenance.

**  Both TOA Technologies and ClickSoftware as seen as field service management leaders.  Both have strong partnerships with leading enterprise software companies, ClickSoftware partners successfully with SAP and TOA just introduced an OEM partnership with

** ClickSoftware’s differentiator is that they are the only field service management company to provide field service optimization, while TOA’s differentiator is that they are one of only two applications that was originally built on a SaaS platform, which gives them an innovator status on product delivery.

You can download the full report and see the magic quadrant on TOA Technologies site HERE.

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