The sad story of the incompetent audit log

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We have told you before that a built-in audit log doesn’t have the functionality needed to keep your organization compliant. (You can read the blog post HERE). It also doesn’t help you deliver the best customer service or track user activity (it isn’t so great at the big picture). This time, however, we thought we would emphasis this with a fun, visual story.

There was once a healthcare organization that didn’t know how to implement an effective data strategy. No one at the organization knew that tracking their data was an important part of staying compliant or for providing a better level of customer service (by quickly identifying user errors) or to monitor business user activity. So instead of investing in new software to help with data governance, they just assumed their built-in audit logs would do the job, until they got audited by HIPAA regulators.  Their built-in audit logs weren’t separate entities from their databases so they weren’t compliant because they could be tampered with. Also, they didn’t include the details the auditors needed, so they failed the audit, which cost them a LOT of money. Don’t fail government audits, make customers unhappy, and keep unproductive (or data-breaching) employees! Get an independent audit log application!

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