Understanding Observato (Database Auditing)

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Any big organization encounters mass amounts data on a daily basis.  This data is created, destroyed, and manipulated by many different employees at different times, for different reasons. It also comes from many different sources.  However even the most minute change in data can affect the performance of an organization on many levels such as customer service, management of field agents, or system functionality.  In a previous blog post, we explain that large organizations generally track data in one of four ways, all which do not yield optimal results.  Organizations need an app that can track multiple sources of data based on user or reference without taking up a massive amount of storage space by archiving this information.  This is exactly what Observato is designed to do.

Here is how Observato works:


Choose to look up data by resource, source, type, or reference.  Observato can track multiple sources without any complicated configuration.


Data can broken down to multiple levels, which allows you to see the minute details and changes made to various entries, at what time, and by whom.


Observato runs in the cloud, simultaneously with your systems meaning that it’s always running and avaliable without consuming precious bandwidth.

What are the benefits?

– Easy to use web interface

– Inexpensive but invaluable solution to tracking any software source

– Helps organizations easily achieve data compliance

– Resolves data quality issues faster than an IT team or homegrown auditing solution

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