What Does Compliance Data Audit Software Do?

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Organizations of all sizes are confronted with all sorts of challenges when it comes to IT and data collection. Over the past 10 years software has been developed to make these processes easier while streamlining business operations. Software such as ERP, CRM, MWFM, HCM, and EAM solutions do wonders to improve business efficiency, but as these technologies advance, other complications arise.

One of the challenges that organizations face today is how to deal with the massive amounts of data that pass through its systems on a daily basis. Issues with data quality, data storage, and data security can not only make an organization inefficient, but also non-compliant as well.  Most industries today have strict government regulations when it comes to data compliance.

So how do you keep your data compliant under regulations such as PCI-DSS, PII, HIPAA, SEPA and others? By implementing data compliance audit software. A universal data compliance audit software will track any data that has been touched within any of your systems.  These means that any time a data record is created, changed, or destroyed, it will be tracked (recorded) and then archived. But how does this help me stay compliant you may be wondering.  Here is how:

No Time Limit On Maintaining Records

Most governmental regulations require data files to be kept for a certain period of time. Doctor and dentist records need to be kept for as long as 10 years in some states. Other regulations limit how long certain records are kept for. For either case, your universal data compliance audit software can help. By archiving your data on a separate, external server, your systems are not burdened by the hardware space.  Additionally, once things are wiped from the mainframe, they are still easily accessable, in a safe, secure environment.

Easy Access to Records/Lookup

In the event of an audit, auditors will love the fact that records can be accessed with the touch of a button. Search by user, system, time, and more to gain instant access to the exact record(s) you are looking for. An expandable view even lets you see the full data record, answering the who, what, where, and when for you.

The Ability to Monitor Business User Access

A large concern with data security and in turn compliance is who has access to sensitive data. A data compliance audit software tracks what data is being accessed, when, and by whom. This can then be portrayed graphically over time, allowing management and auditors to monitor the activity of business users within an organization. This allows an organization to be proactive about their employees and any issues or breaches that may occur.

Where Do I Find Data Compliance Audit Software?

You need to look no further, because you are in the right place.  Realise Data System’s Observato is just the data compliance audit software you are looking for. Observato is offered on-premise or in the cloud for a low monthly rate. Here are just some of the features you will benefit from:

  • Multi-System Data Tracking – Unlike a built-in audit log, Observato
    tracks/logs and archives data from more than one system at the same time.
  • Search Functionality – Search more than one system at the same time, search by user, by job, by time, and more (customizable to suit your organization’s needs).
  • Graphs and Reporting – Vizualize data activity, user activity, and more. View archived results or real-time results or do comparisons.  Export reports to help with data strategy/data governance program at your organization.

Find out more by watching our 90 second introduction to Observato below or request a demo HERE.

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