Why Analyzing User Activity is Critical for Many Companies

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user activity

Do you know what your business users are doing?  Can you track their progress, their interaction with your systems, or the data they create or manipulate?  Most organizations will unfortunately answer no to this question.  And that isn’t a good thing.  Being able to visualize and analyse your business users’ activities isn’t meant to be an overbearing, big brother tactic.  The point is not to scare your employees into doing a better job by knowing that they are being constantly watched.  Rather, having an understanding of how your business users interact with your data and systems can help ensure quality control, efficiency, and productivity.  The point isn’t to blame the business user for errors or mistakes but rather to use the insight you can gather from monitoring user activity to hone your processes, eliminate bad data, and most importantly learn more about your systems and data.  Here are a couple of instances where analyzing user activity can help you turn around business performance and more.

Your Field Service Management Solution Isn’t Getting The ROI You Expected

So you’ve spent a LOT of money on a new field service management solution that is supposed to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase efficiency.  But your business intelligence is telling you otherwise.  Before getting on the phone with the vendor demanding an explanation or a refund, you should probably check to see if there is something going on internally that is preventing you from getting the most out of your new solution.  And what better way to do that than to check if your business users are actually USING the solution properly.  But how do you do that.  By analyzing their activity within the new system.

The data tracking software Observato allows you to run reports that show what parts of a system your business users are actually interacting with.  This is shown visually to you in graph format and the findings can also be exported for you to use in your business reporting.  So, you can tell for instance if your business users are not using the full extent of the mobile app that comes as part of your shiny new FSM solution, which we mentioned in the blog “8 Things You Need to Know Before Selecting A Workforce Solution” is the biggest contribution to your ROI.

From this point you can take action such as providing better training or monitoring business users and field techs to ensure that they are indeed taking full advantage of your new investment and in turn improving the ROI.

You Are Getting Frequent Anomaly Alerts at Specific Times a Day

If you are a smart organization, you use a product like Anomaly Detective by Prelert to identify any signs of issues with your machine data.  These actionable insights keep alerting you to the fact that at certain times of the day, multiple issues keep occuring at the same times. Clearly, there is either an issue with one of your systems, or with the data being manipulated within the system.  You can troubleshoot easily if you have insight into your user activity.

Using Observato you can run reports to see what are the peak times during which business user’s are manipulating data in the system where your anomalies have been detected.  You can cross reference these times with the times of the alerts.  If they match, more than likely, your business users are causing data issues, or creating bad data.  From this point, you can identify what is causing these errors, isolate the issue and take care of it.  Your issues are resolved without serious IT involvement, time, or stress on you or your team.

Analyzing your business user activity gives you better insight into your employees and systems, which is what any COO wants for their organization; to have a better handle on what goes on under the roof (so to speak).  It increases awareness and reduces risk, all while ensuring that employees are doing their jobs, systems are being used correctly, and your data strategy is being followed properly.  Please contact us for a full demo of our Observato product so we can show you what else Observato can do to increase your organization’s visbility and increase your data quality at the same time.

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