Why Growing Mobile Workforces Make Tracking Software Essential

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While mobility becomes more and more popular thanks to the constant technological race between mobile giants and their newest operating systems such as Android and iOS, coincidentally, field service organizations’ mobile workforces are also growing.   As organizations grow, they not only add more field technicians to their headcount, but they often also give their technicians more mobile responsibility when using their devices.  These can include, not just the viewing of work orders and routes, but also time and attendance reporting, asset information, and the ability to read on-line support articles as soon as they are needed.  In may cases, the technicians now have open access to the internet.

The best service organizations have an optimized workforce management solution that deals with forecasting and planning, appointment booking, scheduling, routing, dispatching, mobile updates and more.  This means many users are accessing their organization’s workforce management solution throughout the day, and also making changes and updates to work orders.  In order for the solution to be truly optimized, and for the field service organization to get the most out of their large investment, the system must be easily trackable to answer customer queries, solve IT issues, and follow the changes made.  What happens the field service organization has an optimized field service management solution, or workforce management solution without any integrated way to track the solution itself? Time and effort are wasted manually tracking changes and updates, decreasing the overall ROI of the solution as well as ease of use.  Observato, RDS’s auditing software designed to track any workforce management solution, allows field service organizations to automatically track changes and updates to a workforce management solution such as ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite, and access this information quickly.

What does a product like Observato do for your organization besides give you peace of mind? It allows you to go back in time.  Wondering who made the latest update to a technician’s schedule?   Observato will let you know what user accessed the system last, including the time of each transaction.  Wondering why a technician didn’t receive an important text message in the field?  Check to see if dispatch even sent the text in the first place.  Observato gives you a centralized place to follow the many updates and changes made daily to your workforce management solution, so you can track in real time, or go back in time to determine where errors were made.  It gives you resolution faster, while making all users more accountable.

Workforce tracking software allows you to stay on top of both your systems and your technicians on a daily, even hourly basis.  As the mobile workforce grows, human error is bound to occur, frequently.  Control becomes an issue as no longer are things centralized within one office or one arena.  Prevent miscommunications, big system errors, and more by proactively ensuring that you are tracking your systems.  Take a look at Observato today, and contact RDS if you think your field service organization can benefit from a workforce tracking software.  Wondering about growing mobile workforces?  Read the infographic created by Gist below for some great facts and statistics on the growth of the mobile workstyle.

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