Workforce Analytics: Keeping Your Field Service on its Toes

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There has been a lot of talk about metrics recently. Why?  Because the best business decisions are backed by metrics, and today’s technology provides organizations with accurate measurements of productivity, software usage, employee activity, customer service levels, and more.  Gone are the days where organizations solve problems by spending lots of money on solutions with the assumption they will aid in improving performance.  These days there is greater accountability for both software vendors and organizations themselves to PROVE that certain efforts do indeed improve business performance.

Most workforce management solutions now include built-in business analytics that measure performance across the entire service delivery spectrum.  These analytics offer field service organizations real-time measurements and results that can be reviewed by monitoring dashboards or viewing reports.  Such vital information plays a large role in turning a field service organization into a well-oiled and proactive machine.  However, if not used properly, workforce analytics will not provide a return on investment, and are better left collecting dust.

Analytics are just data.  It is what is DONE with the data that is important.  The smartest field service organizations monitor and analyze this data daily to find out what is and isn’t working during the service delivery process.  Analytics can point out where there are inefficiencies within business processes, and then it is up to the field service managers, the COO, and others to make changes within the business to correct these inefficiencies.

In years gone by, service managers would be delivered a bundle of management information reports, on paper.  And what happened to these?  Typically, they were left unread, and quickly discarded into their round filing cabinet – the trash can.  This practice bred complacency and a lack of attention regarding the quality of service that customers received.  But, in those days, customers also had little choice, and switching to another service provider was not a simple task.

With today’s easy access to information via the internet that makes switching so easy for customers, the best service organizations are kept on their toes, and have their fingers on the pulse of their business to ensure that their customers are receiving the best possible service.  Using business analytics, in real time, helps even the best service organizations become better.

How does your business incorporate analytics today?

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